Alexandra Cleaning Service

Our goal at Alexandra Cleaning Inc., Is to provide our customers with personalized home and office  cleaning services. With over ten years of experience, our trained professional staff will work hard to make the job of cleaning your home or business easier. We strive to provide our clients maximum satisfaction and service they can trust.

Types of cleaning we can provide:

Regular Cleaning:

Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, of kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.
Exp: bathroom and kitchen sink cleaning, countertop cleaning, toilet, tub and tile. Mold removal, shower and shower door cleaning, bed linen changing, bed making, cobweb removal, dishwasher loading and unloading, furniture dusting, mirror cleaning, sill and ledge dusting, trash removal, woodwork, and baseboard washing.

Deep Cleaning:

Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, light fixture cleaning, furniture polishing, refrigerator and oven interior cleaning, wall spot cleaning, door cleaning, and cabinet exterior cleaning, indoor window cleaning 

Moving service:

Vacuuming and mopping floors, sanitizing the bathroom, taking out the trash, cleaning fridge and kitchen appliances inside and out. Cleaning cabinets, closets and drawers inside and out

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Green cleaning service:

All the services of a regular cleaning but we do not use ” hard chemicals.” We will use BIO friendly cleaners and natural fibers. Or you can supply your favorite green friendly products for us to use.


Here at Alexandra’s we are flexible, you can setup our service on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or call basis.

If you looking for a professional, friendly and trustworthy service